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 I have been in the out-of-home media industry for over 30 years. From operating a crane, to hand lettering, to digital billboards, to computer design, there have been a lot of changes. I started working on computers in 1982 with a Commodore 64. I have font files now that are  larger than the entire operating system of that computer. I code in PHP, HTML, Visual Basic and Javascript. I started hand painting signs in 1998 on wooden sections for OUTFRONT (formerly Gannett Outdoor) after installing signs for 15 years. Then we transitioned to canvas flexes that had to be pre-treated with primer before painting. We used full lead-based paint back then. I realized that if they can roll up a sign like that it wouldn't be long until someone invented a printer that could print on it. Sure enough, we started receiving pre-printed vinyl signs for installation on our structures. I thought that this may be an opportunity to get back on a computer to do some designing. Within 3 years, 7 painters at our shop became just one that knew how to use a computer. Me. The rest, as they say, is history.


Some time at Grand Rapids Community College and Kendall School of Art & Design. Never graduated...

I have always enjoyed art. My mother was a very talented oil painter of the starving artist caliber. I was always encouraged to draw and paint. I air-brushed on vehicles for a while, but made no money. After working for 10 years at PennCentral and ConRail railroads as an electrician, I was laid off. A wife, mortgage and 3 kids certainly is motivation to make some money. I finally landed a job at OUTFRONT and low and behold I was back around something that need painting.

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